Joy Catalyst

In 2003 I started devoting a large chunk of my time – working with joy… I started the awesome not for profit – now known as The UP (or UPliftment Programme)  . I spent hours and hours personally sharing joy with children, the elderly and special needs. I l immersed myself in the powerful experience of giving and every moment spent in bringing emotional upliftment transformed me. I made a big mess of over-giving and discovered my Bless in healing through service as I make more time for my own self care too. I continue to be inspired by phenomenal mentors like Fred Donaldson, Dr Bernie Warren, Lynne Mc Taggart, Wayne Dyer and my greatest teachers were the hundreds of children in the hospitals and homes I visited, they showed me that to be kind and caring is fundamental to all healthy play and the source of joy is LOVE…

As I learn, I teach and so over the past 15 years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours – supporting others to learn these remarkable joy tools and witnessed them transformed too. I still tailor joy sessions for groups of all sizes and the joy tools I’ve developed over the years have become key to my work as a Thrive Coach.

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My passion as a story weaver and joy catalyst are entwined and deeply honoured and blessed to support groups and individuals to re-create the stories of their lives, of our world and I willingly share countless tips, tools and practices to essentially love more and enhance our thrive ability.


Speak to me about corporate joy sessions or packages and one on one and group thrive coaching packages…

I also run regular BLOOMING courses online and find me facilitating at numerous retreats – Keep posted here on Facebook

“It’s about Blooming Time” – is an epic 10 day, self development program, with guided mp3’s, a day to day manual and group joy coaching… See more on my facebook page

Copy of To BLOOMagain and againwe have to have faith and open our hearts - again and again